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One thing led to another and Evan is blindfolded getting his dick sucked by Steven.
Didn't take much for us to hook and reel him in. Turns out Evan is a tit guy. Lucky for us Vanessa has no problem showing them off.
To were cruising around today and decide to see what we can find, we pull over at a rest stop in search for some food but instead bump into Evan, this cute straight guy who need a ride to Orlando.
So on today's adventure we happen to catch a guy ready to do some yard work, we manage to get him on the bus. He tells us he is about to married and is a happy with his fiancee.
Vanessa manages to charm the pants off of him. Steven jumps in and gets working on Johnnys dick,
but to his surprise he didn't like the treatment he was receiving. Things got heated but a little bit of money always calms the situation. Enjoy
We have a project due, and who else better to help us out then naive college boys. We cruise the campus and run into Jorge, seems a little shaking at first but with a bit of cashed flashed at him he w
Vanessa really did a great job convincing this guy he had a chance, we got him naked and Jake jumped on that cock with a quickness.
Once Jorge saw what was going on, he flipped the fuck out, but money always talks and bullshit walks.
Vanessa got the blind fold on him and John worked the shaft, perfect tag teaming duo. Sadly for chad he wasn't to thrilled at the surprise. Stay tuned to see how much it takes to make him gay for pay.

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