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The ultimate Saint (and Sinner), Wicked Contract Girl, Samantha Saint stars and delivers one of her naughtiest performances. Remember, there is a fine line between being a Saint and a Sinner and our sex starved beauties are about to cross it.
Loyal and hard working, Kellie is the long time assistant to Mark, a powerful land developer. She secretly harbors a crush on her boss who is clearly oblivious. He is too busy with his gold-digging girlfriend and high profile projects to notice. But when a tragic accident occurs, the hard-nosed businessman seeks the solace and comfort of his biggest supporter.
When Michelle returns from her honeymoon, the girls at the hair salon where she works can\'t wait to hear all the juicy details. But before she can share her story, shop customers and co-workers alike have plenty of helpful, sexy stories to help the newlywed keep her man…and her sex life spicy.
They\'re young, they\'re hot and they\'re horny as hell!  Hall Pass Ass receives the highest grades as the finest student bodies in XXX graduate with honors!
Join forces with a documentary film crew as they investigate the sexual shenanigans of the countrys oldest Booty Pageant!  With contestants, past and present, only too willing to show off their ASSets, they are sure to get a lens full of booty!

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